Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Never Over

PBC may be over, but the effect is still there! Conference is here and we will all be seeing the people we spent a week with. I know that we're all excited. I think I'm more excited to see what God is going to do this week. There is so much God wants to do in the youth, but it starts in us. We can't just hand it all over to God and tell Him to move- we have to be willing to move too. That's what Tyler touched on at youth on Saturday. We get from God what we're willing to give to Him. I hope that this week, as we're having fun catching up with everyone from other churches, we remember what God has done. Don't forget what He did during PBC and don't forget what He is STILL doing! Be open to what God has and give Him your all. Show God that you're willing to do what it takes for Him to move and that you're not lazy. Be praying and reading this week! Let's make it a fun week and a week to remember. Open your hearts to God and He will move. He's an on-time God. I can't wait to see everyone from everywhere and hear about what God has done in your churches since PBC!!!! Don't let your fire die out!

-#7 (Gabby)