Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost there!

Can you guys believe that we leave for our cities in 2 weeks!? Aren't you excited? We Pioneers just found out that we will be staying in a hotel in Washington, not Oregon and we couldn't be more excited. We will be staying in Utah on our way up, so in just one week, we will be in 3 different states! That's so cool. We are getting all of our last minute details ready. We have the "Everything Skit" down and ready to go and we're working on the cardboard skit and we'll hopefully be working on another, funnier, skit. But we are very excited. Pastor Marshall and Mrs. Cherise couldn't be happier and we couldn't be more excited to have them as our leaders!! They are awesome and I know they'll make this week the best week ever. All of the groups have done an excellent job raising money! I can't wait for the shirts, they're going to be awesome. I hope you guys are ready for a week of revival in these cities! And some hot weather! Until next time...

Friday, June 25, 2010

In Case You Didn't See them...

...these are the entries we had for our 2010 shirt. Thank you and excellent job to all those who contributed!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Lead Roadrunner was Warned!

Mr. Kenny, you were warned!!!

Our leader Mr. Kenny kept telling me that I needed to post more blogs and some pictures. At our last practice I made sure I took lots of pics and out of all of them, this was my favorite! No we weren't actually partying, we were practicing for one of our skits. Not only are we doing dramas, we put a band together as well! Being a part of Pioneer Boot Camp is so much fun and it's a blessing! More pictures will be posted later!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ready! Set....GO!!!!!

The Pioneers are pumped up for PBC! We have a lot to do before we leave and we are completely pumped for it. We are getting the privilege of doing the "everything skit" in Oregon and we've only practiced once, but it was an extrememely productive practice. We are also doing the cardboard skit. We are going to use people from the church there too! I can't wait for that. Hopefully, I'll get a video posted soon introducing our group. I'm so excited to see all these other posts from the other groups!!! It's so awesome. We shall talk soon!
-gabby #7

Moto Moto: Who We Are

We introduce MOTO MOTO. We are revved up and ready to embark on the 13 hour drive to the desert heat! We are prepping our band, practicing our beastly drama skills, and getting all prayed for this amazing adventure!
We asked each member to tell the world why they are excited to go to PBC - Here's what they said:Pastor Paul: I am excited for all of the outreaches! We are doing three on Saturday -its gonna be a crazy day but God is going to do great things!
Chris: I'm excited to see all God does in the teens in our group during the week and in the long haul.
Collins: I'm excited to go back and see the fruit from last year's PBC. I also can't wait to see all God does in this city!
Michael: (let me first say without Michael our group would be quite low on fund...we have him to thank alot of all our bonus bucks) I am excited just to do something for God!

Richard (Team Leader): I can't wait to rock out with our band in the park!
Emily: I can't wait to see all is going to do in these teenagers as well as in the church!

Desarae: I can't wait to go to all of the outreaches!Alainna: I am excited to see Pastor Gregory's church, especially the new building!

Brooke: I am so excited to see Pastor Chris and Colandra Gregory!
Jenna: I am so excited to see all the fruit that comes from this week and to prove that God can really use teens for something big!

As a group we are excited! PBC couldn't come faster!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Don't Forget the T-Shirt Designs Are Due This Friday!
Email Tyler whatcha got.
It will make it so much more fun the more submissions we have - so get to work (even if it looks like a piece of macaroni)
Who knows 80 crazy teens could be wearing YOUR design!

Grubbin On Some Hot Diggity Dogs

We had a great fundraiser on Sunday Night! Many thanks to all those who came and helped. Its a lot of hard work but always very fun! Another special thanks to all of those who come back and supported Pioneer Boot Camp by purchasing some grub!
Many were "upsold" by Evan the Kenyan bargainer and no one left hungry thanks to Jenna the rest of the great kitchen crew.
Who know hot dogs could be so yummmmy!
I am pretty sure we still have atleast one more fundraiser coming up so don't put your aprons away yet...
This was @ the PBC fundraiser. Chilli cheese dogs HMMM!

Mike and Isaac hard at work?
Rachel was hungry!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pain, Sweat, and Work

The Portland Pioneers had a great day of practice. We worked our butts off (some of us getting hurt in the process) during this practice. I got elbowed in the nose myself, and G.O. got bulldozed over, I'm pretty sure there was an echo when he hit the ground. We are all determined to go out and win souls over to Christ and want to do all we can to make our skits look good and really speak out to the audience. This may be a weird looking group, but God has a plan and i know that as long as we have faith in him, everything is going to go great. Our group may not have much musical talent, but we're going to try our best at it. Wait and see what we have up our sleeves.
-Isaiah (A.K.A #8)

The great MIRACLE!!!!

Our group has seen many miracles, so far we have done so much and are still ready for more. Today we had a great day of practice, we were all very eager to start and get right into it We are all very excited and on fire for god! It was very fun during the practice, just watching every one have a great time. Jacob was having so much fun with the lights, Daniel and David singing and Kenny in the wheel chair were the best. When we did finally get into the practice it was great, the party scene we did couldn't have been any funnier. The guys were ganging up on each other and pretending to fight. The band did such a great job with the music. We did have a very fruitful day of practice. We are all very blessed to be a part of pbc.

When All Else Fails

So here we are getting ready for pbc at one of our many practices . We have four more weeks (!!!) until we depart to Albuquerque and we still have SO much to get done. We can't wait to start making our final preparations, but for now we're having fun with fundraisers, meetings and such. Tonight is another fundraiser for all six Pbc teams. Pictures and video will be posted later , but for now we have to get to work!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Fundraisers

The finished product!!!
Working hard? or hardly working?

In the kitchen with Mrs. Chris

He was counting money...he's very protective

Mrs. Cherise and Shelby
So here are some pictures of fundraisers. The Taylors took my phone and went crazy with the camera...there's about 20 or more pics from that one night. Most of them are just funny group shots. That night, we sold chili cheese fries, brownie-a la-modes, and soda. We made a lot of money for camp so great job to everyone!!! And the top picture is the finished product of the ditch at Pastor Jones' house. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped! G.O., Abby, Evan, Blake, Trent, and David A. (aslo Sienna and Kaliegh Kleppinger). Despite the hot sun on our backs...and faces, the heavy rocks, the dirt, and the 4 wheeler giving up on us a few times, we got it done so thank you to everyone who helped!

PBC Updates.

As announced last Saturday our entire youth group will be sportin' the same shirt around the many cities for PBC! The coolest part is that its up to us to design it!

If you are artsy in the least get your crayons, markers, pencils, computers, and thoughts in motion because the deadline is June 18th.

Email (or hand) Tyler your submission. Voting will take place June 19th at youth!

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


I know I missed spelled Albuquerque

Monday, June 7, 2010

Farmington & fundraisers :)

Well we are pretty much done with the fundraising and what an adventure it has been! We've mowed lawns, pulled weeds, threw rocks, broke windows ;), found our way through forests, shoveled never ending poop in the baking sun, and so on and so on! We will never forget the day we got real aquainted with horse poop, I'm pretty sure I smelled poop everywhere I went for like three days! Haha :) I'm so proud of our team! We are having a blast together and we are so excited to see this hard work pay off! Enjoy the pics!


Our garage sale went great, not just because Alexis was in the middle of the street. But because all that who participated worked hard. Kenny and Oscar are practicing!! I think. The band is doing awesome at getting music together. The dramas are coming together. We are all excited about coming and doing something for God. We all believe that we will see fruit from all of our hard work.

Kenny and Monica Holcomb

Personal Fundraisers!

This was a hot day and long day, but you should see the ditch now. It's so pretty.
At our garage sale.

We got really dirty.

Pastor Marshall making yummy hotdogs.

Lots of work to do!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Introduction: The Road Runners!!!

First off I would like to introduce our group to you... We are the Albuquerque Road Runners, a group of 16 people (Kenny and Monica, our leaders and 14 crazy teens!) ready to shake the city of Albuquerque! So far our journey has consisted of alot of meetings and fundraisers. Several of us participated in a very successful yardsale held at Kenny and Monica's home. Also, many of the guys in the group did yard work and other fundraising. At the moment there is not alot to say, but we are all very excited to travel to and start a fire in the city of Albuquerque!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pump it, Pump it, Pump it!!

Hello! I'm surprised that I'm the first one to post something. Well, we are off to a good start. We have had many fundraisers at the church for everyone's group as well as our own. We have had a yardsale...where we sold more hotdogs than things, but that's ok. Pastor Marshall had fun making them...and eating them. We worked out at Mrs. Marie's house. That was some hard work. We had to fill the ditch with rocks, not little ones either. We had to flatten them out so they weren't layered. It may sound easy, but it wasn't. Ask those of us that were there. But we made money for our group, so it was worth it. I'm pretty sure we have more things in line to do as well. Our group is good. We all get along and work together, well we try our hardest. We are all phyched to go to Oregon. We all have expectations of ourselves, eachother, and the trip. As more happens, more posts will go up. I will post pictures soon of the fundraisers/work days.