Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday we had a blast! We passed out tons of tracks and the people here are so open to the gospel. We then went to a family fun center and maxine from pastors church came with us! After that we had our youth service and boy did god move!! Pastor shows up looking extra fresh, so i gave him the nickname pastor j smooooth! Then he pulled put his taylor swift cammer so i called him j swift! Hah Dinner was at his house....yummy! We kicked back and mr.Kenny was too happy that he ran into a closed screen door... And yes you guessed it... I was right there dying of laughter! Hahahahahh. Your probably wondering about the title.....Maxine taught us some new slang alahhhhh! You say it when u think something is cool. So next time instead of saying cool say alahhhhhh? Dig? This morning we passed out some more tickets and now were having a yard sale for the church! Drink plenty of water guys. I'm back to outreaching! Peace, Rachel

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  1. Alahhhhh! That is so funny, I haven't heard that in they still say Pssssss Or Whatevuur or Baah! LOL! @ Kenny, uh, nevermind!Ha Ha! You guys are being so blessed, I hope you all realize that! Love,SMV<3