Friday, July 16, 2010

just look at aaron!

so yet another exciting day for the Dentonators. we started our day with a bible study by me followed by some prayer and reading. after that we all got into the van for another outreach. we handed out the rest of our flyers and then headed to wal-mart where we were given the task to witness to two people. me, stephen, and blake got some swimming goggles and it was over from there as you can see from the pics. we then at some church's chicken and i have to say im inspired to plant a church..... well churchs chicken lol. we headed to sam's to get our supplys for the outreach tomorrow where many adventures happend to say the least. so got to chatch a little sleep then off to the LOCKIN!! so PEACE GANGSTAS!!



  1. lol it's a lock-in not lock out

  2. Be happy, you can go to Wal-mart. We were practically banned from it lol. The security guard are on the look out for us, went to Starbucks today which was right next to Wal-mart, and the security guard drove over there and watched us for a while.