Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It wasn't me!!!!

The heat is on in Phoenix. Great Hotel, great breakfast, great service, in a great new location, and cool new restaurants to eat at. Today we went to El Taco Tote, and we loved it, thanks Pastor Kirk. Although the food was great we had a little mix up with the ordering. Evan never got his food, so of course we would handle it. We go up to the counter and advised them that they made a mistake, we were missing a SUPER chicken Quesadilla. Well, come to find out we weren't, someone else was eating Evan's Quesadilla: Turray! He ordered the small Quesadilla in this picture:

but he ate this

Which was Evan's food, the whole time we were looking for the food, Turray was looking out the window like, It wasn't me. We all laughed and tried to buy Evan another one but we all had way to much food and they shared with him, Thanks Evan for being such a good sport.


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