Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Movement

God really moved today. We had an all day outreach today and started off with the pancake breakfast. The girls whipped out the skillet and starting making us pancakes. There was a little debate for whether the guys or girls would be served first. The pancake breakfast wasn't all that fast. Stephanie (one of the ladies from the church) opened up this closet full of costumes for drama, and some of us suited up and headed outside to dance around and attract a crowd. GO and Robert dressed up as cowboys and David as a Mexican prisoner. I started out as a Christmas tree and then switched to a bunny with a royal robe...yes i had a bunny tail. A little kid who went to the breakfast wanted a picture with me, gotta love kids. Anyway, about a total of 8 people came to the pancake breakfast, but over half of them came back and brought friends which was a blessing.

To follow up, we had our BBQ a while afterward. We didn't do the mascot dancing again, but we passed out more fliers before the BBQ. On the way to the church we saw 2 Mormons and they agreed to come and ended up bring 2 more of their friends. Pastor Frank spoke to them and convinced them to stay for more than just the food, so they ended up leaving right after alter-call. The hip-hop group and rock group did excellent during their performances. Pastor Marshall gave the rock group the hip-hop group's name, so im'a just call them both 180. Every song sung hit everyone hard. I know it pierced the visitor's hearts because they could keep their eyes off the performers. 10 people gave their lives to Jesus (a family), and a man from both the breakfast and lunch came to the movie also, but brought his daughter with him.

The last event was the youth service and movie which was M 10:28. GO and Robert preached on evangelizing, and did a great job. It was a message we all needed to hear. We need to have a desire to serve God more and More and not be satisfied with where we are at, but push to do more for him. The movie was amazing. It really spoke to our hearts and when the lights turned on, we were all bugged eye from amazement. 3 teenagers, one was a christian, another lukewarm (back and forth), and the last a backslider. Two girls die, but the lukewarm one is seen in hell, in like this holding pin because she wasn't fully dead yet. If hell looked that bad in man's image, then the real hell is unimaginably terrifying. At the alter-call we all went down, and God seriously moved. 2 people got saved, and the teens and leaders were filled.

God is moving in Oregon, and I know hes moving in the other churches too. Thanks for all the support and prayers, we miss ya'll. Well one day left until our 2 day drive. CHURCH TOMORROW!
And i didn't upload pictured due to not having the camera's memory card with me tonight.

Quote of the day: Was that picture always there?
-Isaiah #8

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