Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today is what we've been building up for this whole week and we had an awesome turn out! Of course the devil tried to come against us but he was defeated in JESUS name! We passed out 2500 flyers and over a 100 people came out and more then 30 people recived Jesus Christ! Some of us prayed with people individually too! We had music, drama, testimonies, and the movie Breaking the chains! In all 3 alter calls people came up. God really moved and Im sure he moved in each and every one of the cities. We're tired, and have been sweating like a fat girl writing her first love letter!! haah We've gotten to know the people in Pastor J.B's church and are wonderful. Maxine(one of their youth) has been having so much fun with us as we have her! We cannot wait for Sunday! This city is ready for a change and that we are doing!


kenny ripped david's undies by giving him a wedgie

rachel got got by the taco "we have 30tacos to order"... her "ohhh were closed!!"

isaac asked rachel "you have to boo boo too" hahah

We are really enjoying ourselves!

It's been real,


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