Friday, July 16, 2010

"people think i don'y know a butt load of stuff about the gospel, but I DO!!"-nacho libre

That quote has no relevance to what I'm going to write about but i thought it was funny lol The days keep getting better as were out here, we woke up early again, which is fine with us, cause it makes for a prosperous day. We made to prayer and soon after, went on outreach for a few hours. We got kicked out of walmart in the nicest way possible lol by a elderly women security guard who is actually considering coming to our outreach. Like on joke, everyone is New Mexico is extra nice, like even if they reject our flyer's their still super nice about it, like "oh my goodness, thank you so much for the invite, but won't be able to make it." Pastor's phone has been being blown up, by people who want to come, so NM is extra chill! After outreach we practiced some more for Saturday and have things set in stone on how things will be going to run, it's real exciting on how everything has been running. Busy, but awesome!! As you know it's pretty hot here, so i found that a few of us had nice little eye brow sweats going on. So, Rachelle and i got into demonstrating to another how a person would react to us if they absolutely didn't want a flyer lol so we got-got in the face with a cute lil toss of water, which felt good but that eye brow sweat form earlier burnt our eyes lol random? yes, but it was funny haha We also had a garage sale today at the church, where there was signs that required shaking to attract drivers, well we all know i have no experience in that field so i stayed clear from that lol SIKE!! i rotated with someone and shook that sign lol As the night came to a close, we had dinner at church where we surrounded Pastor and Mrs.Gail and were given the opportunity to ask questions. They shared their wisdom and knowledge and I can't emphasize enough on how much I LOVE those guys SOOOO much. I have the upper most respect for those two, not just them but for all of our headship and authority at Victory . Were truly blessed for the vision our church has and that discipleship is valued at our church. Mrs.Gail shared some great guidance about not losing out on opportunities in life to serve God more and to never ever look back at life and say, "well, i wish i would have or i could of done more for God." True wisdom. We had a little dance off before we closed up the church lol to the goofy movie sound track, that was funny!! When we got back to the hotel, we swam for a little and you haven't lived life until you've been thrown into a pool by Kenny Holcomb!! Beast!! Askeedabadadedo!! lol catch ya lataz!!
"sometimes i wear stretchy pants, just for fun"
-"Read some Books!!"

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  1. We are praying for your outreach! Love you and miss you, Trent!