Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Are Criminals!!

So today we went on outreach to all the places we could. We got kicked out of a Wal Mart parking lot and then went to some houses. We then tried to pass out flyers again at Wal Mart, but the security guard followed the van, so we left and went to the parking lot next to it. We were doing fine, until a different security guard came up. I think they called eachother...but anyways, me and Mrs. Cherise went the opposite direction while everyone else got stuck in the eye view of the "guard". He tried to get P.Marshall to stop the van, but he looked forward, like he didn't see him, and kept driving. The guard then got out of his truck and started yelling at our group. He told us things like "NEGATIVE!", "You're not Christians at all!", "I'm going to call the cops on you!", and "You are resisiting leaving the property, I'm going to call the cops!". At one point, a guy that G.O. gave a flyer told the guy to shut up because it was a flyer for free stuff. We all laughed at that. We were seriously afraid of the cops coming after us, so we all ran for the van, then fled the crime scene. P. Marshall drove through the neighborhood streets to avoid being seen. We met a guy from their youth group named Keith. He went on outreach with us for a little bit and couldn't believe that we did outreaches on a regular basis, or that we had 3000 flyers to get out. He was in awe. He wasn't apart of the crime though. We just got back to the hotel and are getting ready for church tonght. We are doing testimonys and the "Everything Skit" tonight. I can't wait.

While on outreach me and Shanity took lots of pictures of the flowers and some trees. The flowers here are unreal. They are beautiful. They had blue, purple, pink, yellow, red, and multi-colored flowers. The trees are HUGE and so cool. I promise to post pics of those. You'll love them, I hope.

I'm happy and pleased to say that the weather was wonderful. It started out in the 60's and got into the 80"s with a nice cool breeze. It was awesome. And I expected there to be a lot of humidity, but I there is none. This trip has been an amazing experience so far.

This morning, the guys had a Biblestudy at the breakfast table. When us girls got down there, we had a discussion on witnessing and what to remember. We (the girls) then came back to the room and prayed on our own for about 20 minutes, then got together for a final prayer. While we were waiting to leave, we had a short song service. We sang "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble", "Eagles Wings", and "Let it Rain". When we got into the van with the whole group, we prayed together for the day ahead of us. We had a great response. We got out A LOT of flyers and the people were extremely open and polite. I can't wait to see what the rest of week holds. I'm also excited to see their church and meet the people. I hope you all are having a great time and getting a lot done. We are praying for you always. Be safe and have fun at your fun days tomorrow! Don't forget to post as much as you can.

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