Saturday, July 17, 2010


So this morning we started out with a pancake breakfast. It was still chilly outside, so we had it inside, downstairs. We had people going in and out. The guys dressed up in costumes and went outside to draw in people. I'd post pictures, but we can't find the usb for Shanity's, for now, you're out of luck. But it was hilarious to see and it drew in some people! Then we set up for the concert outside in their "yard". They have a group, which we named "180". They did really good! Robert and G.O. rapped 2 songs which I sang back up in. We did lots of testimonies and dramas. We did "On the Ledge", "It's Missing", "The Everything Skit", and the one where the guy wrestled with his conscience(spelling? lol) Zach and G.O. did that one, and it was awesome. They had lots of fun. People from their church, including the youth, gave their testimony. I'm so happy to know that they are being encouraged again. All in all, we had between 11 and 15 people saved throughout the day. We were so phyched, and still are. After the outreach, us girls helped Matt(the lead singer in the youth band and the church pianist) change the sign for their church. We had fun, and he got a laugh out of it. We then went to Micky Dee's for icecream then headed back to church for the youth rally. We had a short song service, then G.O. and Robert preached an excellent message on Evangelism. Then we watched M 10-28. For the alter call, people got prayed for and God moved tremendously. His Spirit was so thick and it was everywhere. Afterwards, we cleaned the church and headed home. Tomorrow we are doing the cardboard skit and using people from their church. We are also doing baptism! I can't wait. God is doing so much here and we can all tell that they are excited. Their youth is getting excited about outreaching. They are getting encouraged again after being attacked by the devil (because of the split). But Got is restoring what has been lost, as He always does. I'm so happy to hear about all of the rest of your outreaches! PRAISE GOD!!!! Keep praying. See you all soon, and until next time,
Im going to go eat some fried chicken now...we've got a lot of left overs, h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a

yesterdays quote of the day: "Did you forget your helmet today?"
Todays: "Has that picture always been there?" -compliments of Abby not noticing stuff in our room.

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