Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thats the End!

Well, PBC 2010 is officially over. We had our big testimony service tonight at church recapping it all. Looking back at it all (not just the last thirteen days, but the last six months in reality) I write, and say out loud as I write, "Thank you Jesus!". What a privilege and an honor to be able to do something like this for the Kingdom of God. I am so proud of all of our teens for doing what they did, giving what they gave, and did it all with the hearts of true servants; knowing it wasn't to get something in return, but making themselves willing and committed to do something for God. God was faithful to what what He did and we saw the results we believed for: lives impacted and many changed no doubt forever by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Pastors strengthened and encouraged, fruit within the churches, and renewed vision even within ourselves.

I call out to all our teens to hold steadfast to what God is doing in our churches and in yourself. He saved us not just to get us into heaven, but to work in us and through us. Encourage and drive one another to pursue and expect greater things. Live your life to where it can match the testimony of Enoch in the Bible, he 'walked with God'. It's not some far off mystical thing, its simply loving God and doing what He wants you to do. God's call to His people has always been obedience. We have great things before us, lets seek them out, take them as our own, and hold onto them.

All the work that went into it was worth it. All the preparations and planning and re-planning that happened behind doors and late at night; the fundraising, the meetings, the practices, the prayer, the organization of it all, and everything else that went on. I want to thank all our group leaders for accepting the invitation to come, and stepping up to the plate and making it something awesome for each group (a shout-out to all the baby sitters for the leaders kids too; thanks for 'staying by the stuff!'). Thank you to Pastor Jones and Pastor Paul for allowing and entrusting us to do this. Thanks to all the Pastors and their families and church for welcoming us in, taking care of us, and letting us work side by side with you. Thank you parents for investing in and allowing and your teens to be a part of it all. I want to especially thank my wonderful wife Shaunna and Mrs. Emily Jones for all the many, many, many hours they poured into this behind the scenes in making it happen.

Not sure if anyone will post anything else here on the blog, or how many people will be looking except those who didn't get a chance to look while it was going on, those who couldn't keep up with all the posts, and those who simply want to return from time to time to visit some memories. But from our end, we are done. We love you all.
For His Kingdom and Glory!
Love God, hate sin.

Tyler & Shaunna

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