Sunday, July 18, 2010


had a great time to day my new favort word is broght 2 me by maxein withcich is alliah she says it like crazy.we had some good times it feels like this week just flew by i know that i am going 2 miss every one here.but the funniest thing on mymind right now is the bigggg fart. me and danella where walking throught the halls of are hotel and a really big man came walking are way.and then rightin front of us he lets out a big fart and then sighs with realse.we all most died laughing.another funny thing that happend 2 day is i found out that i can fit in a duffal bag.all and all we had a blessed day we saw so many people saved and we had a great time. a lot of people got touched.and i also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARON!!!!!

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