Monday, July 19, 2010

the announcement

Alright so if you guys haven't guessed...we..well I wrote "Gail has an announcement" just to see people's response and who would blow up her phone!! pretty funny uhh?! hahah. If you didn't catch that...there's no announcement!!! We arrived back in the springs around 9:40 pm and boy was ABQ a blast! Spending time with Pastor,the family and the church was not in vain! God moved!! We took on the name "ROADRUNNERS" and became ROADRUNNERS for Jesus! Last night we went to dions(yummy pizza) and laughed our hearts out! From isaac doing the "stroke" to oscar stuffing his face with a huge cookie. I wasn't too sure about this group but I can honestly say, we've grown to be a family!! We said our "see you laters" today (pretty sad) but we'll be seeing them soon. Kenny and Monica are great leaders, and have become great friends! Love you all. God is good...right!!!



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