Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A mighty good da-a-A-ay

The ladies at church

Altar Call

Don't wrestle with your conscience

Blake forgot to pack his dress socks

The ladies watching whats happening in Oregon

Its crazy to look back at a day like today and try to gather all that we did; a lot was done! We woke up at 5:30ish, got ready and ate breakfast. We were wondering if the girls had already eaten while we were getting ready since we hadn't ran into them yet, so Shaunna went to their room and woke them up while knocking. It was about 6:40 and their clock said 12:59. So they were up and out fast. We went to the church @ 7 and prayed and read for a hour, then cleaned up the church. Hung out for a bit, left for the outreach about 9:40. About ten of their teens met up with us to get the job done. The first complex we went to called up Paul (if you've never met Paul, he is the youth and outreach director for the church and is an awesome guy to be working with here) and they asked us to come back and take all the flyers off the doors. So we back tracked a bit, but still ended up getting out about 1100 flyers out by the end of the day.
After some other events I won't bother mentioning for time sake, we got ready for church and were there about 5:20. We practiced for our skit and prepped for the service, which was awesome! Glory to God! Pastor Blake preached a message mainly for teens, which made up at least a third of the congregation tonight! They had no teens but two for a loooooooong time, but have been praying and believing God will send them in, and they have been coming in; hallelujah! Afterwards, we went to the now famous pbc hotspot, Fuddruckers, for our late dinner. Taylor T has obviously shown us all on the trip that she is not a fan of bugs, so after we left, I caught a gigantic cricket and threw it on her, and we watched her almost qualify for the 2012 US 100 meter dash competition. We then drove through Denton trying to find a Conoco or Phillips 66 to get ready for tomorrow. On the ride, sweet gentle quiet Shaunna revealed how gangsta she used to be back in 'Cali' in her unregenerate days. Aaron and Blake even talked her into throwing down a little ghetto dance (good luck getting her to show it to you). Tomorrow is our fun day, so we are all excited for that. Signing of for the night from Denton (unless Aaron decides to post in the next room over).


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  1. Blake, we asked and we asked if you were SURE you had everything packed! Go buy some dress socks before Sunday so you don't embarrass your parents!