Friday, July 16, 2010

Phoenix Moto Funk


We had a great day in HOT FEE-Nix. We went on an amazing outreach door-to-door giving out fliers for our BIG outreach tomorrow. We are so excited. We found out that the fliers we put up in the bus stop were gone...we're hoping someone took them down so that they remember to come. Please keep us in prayer for the outreach. We pray that God's Spirit will draw all hearts to repentance.

The teens have been working extraordinarily hard furthering God's kingdom on this earth. Evan and Collins went shopping for outreach supplies at Sam's. Collins is a genius and lifted a whole lot of Gatorade cases to get the cardboard we needed for our skit and signs for the pancake breakfast.

We had a bit of time to rest after the outreach. Some of the teens went swimming, or to Wally World, or got some much needed Z's for tomorrow. Everyone was knocked out in the van (except the driver, thank God:)

Tonight we had dinner with Pastor Gregory and family. It was a great time of fellowship and fun. Pastor and his wife gave great words of wisdom and Godly advice. Afterward, we practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced. We even got a new tambourine player for our band--the one, the only, Chastity Gregory. She's a musician in the making.

Well I guess we will stop for now, or at least until tomorrow. We're getting hot, sweaty, and sunburned for Jesus. Please keep us in your prayers. The Denton team made it to the front page of the way. Until next time...

Night to all and God bless.

-Phoenix Moto Funk


  1. yeah that's right we made the front page!! go dentonaters!!