Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just waiting to leave

Well i'm here in the hotel and today we finally got to sleep in!! Until nine, we have been waking up at 5am everyday and going to sleep at like midnight. We are all runninn adrenaline. We are heading to the church in a few min to continue practicing our skits for our outreach tonight. Then we have to buy all the food and supplies. We are so excited for our outreach, we are praying that ppl will come out. Our outreaches have been sucssesful and most ppl are responsive. There's a huge skate park at the park where our outreach is and we have been passing out flyers there. Thursday night Tim started talking to a guy on the basketball court and then Pastor Josh went over to talk to him too. He was super drunk and we ended up staying there for an hour while they talked to him and then he finally got saved :) There's a lot of young ppl here, we are excited to witness to them tonight...Well gotta go eat breakfast now, this late morning is amazing!!!


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