Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hmmm...? Well, let's catch up. The Drive here was crazy! I never realized how flexible 3 guys could be when struggling to take a nap in one van seat lol Daniel, brad and I figured that out quick. NUMEROUS pics were taking to verify that. Putting 15 people in 1 van for 5 hours is asking for insanity, but we managed to keep our composure :/ 11 dudes and 4 girls? Were all getting along just fine lol the van rides are always fun though, Kenny and Monica definitely are gifted with patience!! Between the 13 of us, we've had a fare share of our, "guys...guys? HEY GUYS!" lol so were doing our best to all stay diligent and focused. If your not on time to the van on a "pvd" (packed van day) lol it's like "back of the bus!" which happens to be the hottest, most compact, sweaty area of the bus or your sitting one butt cheek on a side of the seat. Which, isn't gonna kill you, but is mad uncomfortable. lol When we arrived to Pastor Jb's it was a nice little reunion with our former youth Pastor ;) it was great to see Gail and him doing great. We went straight to work, in whatever needed to be done, already have done 2 outreaches since we arrived, already shown to be fruitful on our Wednesday night service, so amen GOD IS GOOD! People were saved on a door to door outreach, where all of us got a opportuinity to share the gospel and our BIG Saturaday outreach, so those who've been told seemed excited to hear :) I'm not gonna lie, Albuquerque can get extra HOT, it's not by any means as Green as Beautiful Colorado, and the mountains aren't so popular here but nonetheless NM is extra nice. Today we practiced and worked some more and Jacob and I somehow developed a dance involving a vacuum and Trip lee :] WOW! this one did it to me LOL Alexis was cleaning Pastor's office when we stumbled upon a dead bird, which claims he MISTAKENLY assumed it to be a fake "dead Bird" that Pastor simply keeps around as a part of a awkward collection? lol He bumped it by accident and simply said, "oops" picked the real dead bird and set it on a shelf. lol So, when i came around to install a ceiling tile and came upon it myself, i was super grossed out, cause this wasn't tweetie bird, this was like a BIG.GREY.DEAD bird lol i informed Pastor and he was like ":l? why would i keep a fake dead bird around in my office?" lol so we got it thrown away and continued on with work and evangelism. Well, were having a AWESOME time guys in NM, we've checked the blogs out and it seems that you guys are all seeing fruit and having a blast! As a team we're keeping you guys in prayer and are excited to hear all the reports, God is Good... ALL THE TIME! All the time? ..... Exactly!! Well , we'll catch up with you cool cats on the flip flop lol Lates ;) 1 Choricles 16:8

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