Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Perilous, Perilous, PERILOUS real first day!

The Window Cleaning Ninja's...dun dun dun

As you can imagine, we all woke up pretty early for prayer. As the group was praying, you could tell we all needed a little coffee! Then began the practices of skits and bands. [we managed to fit a small breakfast and relaxing break in between the two!] Both bands and both skits were insanely amazing. You would think we practiced for weeks because we are so good, but actually that was our like fourth practice.....In that time this lady upstairs came down and asked us to quit down, you're probably thinking LAME!! But it payed off in the end because she gave us all coupons to certain Burger King places for a free meal! Before we used our special reward, our group attended the Wednesday night service at Pastor Gregory's church [it is so big and fancy! The sinks are AUTOMATED!!!! We did clean the windows and such to make it fancier, though.] Mr. Chris Williams preached tonight and he did amazing. Afterwards, we partied like wild animals at Burger King! We all felt bad though for the people making it since we didn't really pay for it and we randomly kind of rushed in without warning! Richard, Sam, Mellisa, John, Brooke, and all of Pastor Gregory's children played inside the kids play place. In the end we had an insane time here. We don't so much appreciate the temperatures outside, but we love the memories and differences we make. Oh, and for lunch we all went to some Mexican food place and ate insanely good food while enjoying hot [but called "medium"] salsa and guacamole bar! WE ARE THE PHOENIX MOTO FUNK!! AND WE ARE HAVING FUN!:]


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