Wednesday, July 14, 2010

we made it at around eleven on tusday morning and right from the get go pastor Jb had stuff for us to do. we cleaned me and Pastor finished his new banner i got to talk to pastor and Gail and i think just with a talk they really blessed my life then. and today we pretty did the same thing cleaned and got everything ready for church we went on outreach for our concert/bbq/movie i think god is really going to move not just in the people from the outreach lives but in a big way in ours


  1. Glad to hear that Pastor JB and Gaile are keeping you all busy! Thank you for calling to let me know you made it safe, Trent. Thanks for letting Dad put some miles on your T-Bird. I miss you! Be safe! I love you! Mom

  2. Glad to hear from you Jacob!! have lots of fun love you!! send me the address to the church and park outreach and maybe some our family that live their can go.