Monday, July 19, 2010

End of the road, start of the highway

hey there little lady

her rachel on the road

this is Houston, he's awesome...yes thats a wig.

Whitney fitting in with everyone.

the star on top of the Christmas tree!!

aw, it's Christmas!

just like a Mexican too....


run puppy, run!!!

basically, you've got 2 options....

So many things have happened today, its just mind-blowing what God has done down here. The youth from this church have been excited throughout the whole week. They have been learning more about evangelism, and just the fire you have when serving God. We have all learned from each other. We pulled an alter-call tonight and almost everyone in the church came up to the alter saying they want to be used in any ministry God puts them in, and are willing to go forth for him. Each and every youth went up, and you can just see the joy they have in their hearts when serving the Lord.

Pastor Marshall preached in both morning and night service. He asked everyone to bring someone in who was hurting in their body so they could be prayed for, and many people came down to the alter to be prayed for. A man injured his neck and couldn't turn it, but was healed and is now able to move it around. Multiple women hurt their back and when Pastor Marshall did the foot test, their feet were up to an inch apart in length, but we saw those legs grow out. Chantell's knees were injured, and they were healed. Just many blessing and miracles left and right.There was a family whose son was stabbed to death 28 times, they came in and that family got saved and that night 3 of the 5 family members got baptized. We may not have like 100 people in this church, but God is really moving and working and each person who is here.

If the youth could, we would stay down here, we love it down here. Portland, Oregon is in need of God, and maybe one day we'll get to come back. And i know none of us wanted to say our goodbyes, but we had to. We all grew so attached so fast. We made so many friends here, and I know they will walk with God together. I missed quite a bit of details, but Gabby mentioned them on her post.

Chantell #9
Chauteu #10
Austin #11
Houstin #12
Staphanie #13
Keith #14
Mathew #15
Zack and Whitney, the pastor and pastor's wife, and assistant pastor and pastor's wife.

Quick testimony: I only had 5 dollars left, and it was offering time and the thought of using it for snacks kept running in my mind. I was going to hold onto it, but I felt this tugging in my heart to put it in the basket, and I put it in with a smile. Later on, Pastor Frank put 10 dollars in my hand as a blessing and said he felt like he should bless somebody, and I was it. By the grace of God i was blessed, my money doubled.

More pictures will be uploaded, check out our youtube videos for a slideshow of our pictures.


  1. PORTLAND PIONEERS are so awesome they helped me alot they helped me too reach out more and they helped me too pray,pray,pray, and to read my bible everyday!
    Thanks and I can't wait too see you guys again!!

  2. Stephanie wrote the comment sorry I didn't write my name thanks again you guys are awesome!!!

  3. Awww your awesome to Stephanie:) i miss you already tiny tot!!!!!