Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lock-In update #3

hey guys, we're back again with more on our lock-in. This has been so much fun so far, we did the everything skit after only 1 day of practice and rocked it out!! Kudos to Blake for being Jesus. then me and Blake gave our testimonies, the guys from Rize sand (Aaron, Stephen, and Blake) then Dillon Chase came and rapped for us as you all know. Then we hung out for a while, and the Tays destroyed Shaunna, Tay L. tackled her and Tyler just laughed, what a great husband haha just kidding :) afterwards we played scoot your buns and then we separated into guys and girls groups and had a little study group for about 20 minutes. we wrote down our burdens and taped them to the cross that they use for Breakaway. Now it's onto more hanging out and hopefully some more groups to perform soon, we'll keep you updated!! :D
*Taylor L.*

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