Friday, July 16, 2010

too many pics, too little time

K here's a recap of the past few days in so few words (tanya is updating in more detail if she doesn't fall asleep!) here we go.......Alejandra is HILARIOUS! Tim will do anything you dare him to and he caused a bush to divorce itself, Joel isn't happy unless he's tormenting someone or throwing them in water, little Aaron is everyones play toy and he's gonna GET IT for throwing ice water all over me! Connor is the secret keeper and if you listen closely you can hear his crazy comments, Vikki screams like a girl and might give us a little surprise (she wore her hair in a ponytail last night!!!! hence the pic above) Brianna almost died in the water and wouldn't stop talking long enough to be saved and she blamed it all on the guy lol, Tony is not what you think (in a good way:)) and when he's serious, he's serious, don't mess with TONEX, and Tanya is silly. Me and her have more in common than i thought, she keeps trying to bite me, crazy...and me i'm the same :) except everyone is still in shock that my hair is curly. Weirdos....did they not grow up with me??? All in all it's a BLAST! And we will post more soon of our fun day and outreach. Pastor Josh and his wife and church blessed us today with making us Navo tacos and we are very thankful. We rocked the outreaches everyday FINALLLLLLYYYY getting all of our flyers out and i know its hot in phoenix, but its hot here too!!! We sweat like pigs. OH YEAH, tim got chased by a dog today and i got bit on the finger by the same stupid dog and little aaron chucked an apple into a ladies house lol... funny story. Ok i'm tired now, have a great night everyone, will be posting again!!!


  1. love the update.they thought your hair was straight? have they not seen you in church?lol funny pics.did the little dog win?yes, we know that about joel.vikki looks more like elizabeth in that picture!Aaron!!!! an apple? really. we are so excited to hear more. you guys are amazing. God bless, we are praying!

  2. Thanks for the update. Bri and Telly your a-natural hair! How did Bri almost die in the water? Did you take a picture of Vikki and a ponytail? If so it should be made into a poster. Have a good day on your outreach! Your hard work will pay off. Love, Ms. Rosemarie (mom to Bri):-)

  3. I almost died because Joel threw me in head first and when I was getting back into the raft my lifejacket came up over my head. Tell and i have crazy hair because we all jumped into the pool fully clothed after we passed out all of our flyers! Tomorrow Joel is paying Vikki to dress like a girl for church, so Tell and me are giving her a makeover:) love ya mom

  4. How much are you paying her? In small bills or large? What exactly are you making over? I need pictures, pictures, pictures! I might even pay for them

    Debby & Russ

  5. Hey Chantel,

    ask Tanya to show you guys her canonball she does a mean canonball in the pool.

    PS hook me up with some pinon. PLEASE!!


    -Denton Dudes-