Monday, July 19, 2010

Our last Official night...

We are here in Utah in our hotel room. It's 11:50 and we are awake...kind of. Today we left around 7 and hit the road. We didn't want to leave, well, us teens didn't. We made strong connections with those teens and we didn't want to leave so fast. The trip was good though.

We've had a good safe ride so far and we will tomorrow as well. We're leaving the hotel at 6am and eating at IHOP then heading home :( For you parents reading, we will be getting home tomorrow, so I hope you're ready for your ears to be talked off. I know I have a lot to tell my parents. I cannot wait for conference and to see them all again. We all exchanged emails to keep in touch though, so that's a plus. We've had lots of laughs this past week and I will never forget it. God moved so much and I'm excited to see what's going to happen now.

I have nothing else to say...we will see you all on Wednesday. Until next time,

p.s. I will be posting more than just from this week. When I get updates on the church in Oregon, I will post those as well, no matter when they take place. I want to remember everything, so what better way than to blog all the progress after PBC? So don't forget to visit the blog every now and then

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  1. cannot wait to hear all you news! love you.