Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 3: Work, meet, and eat

The devil really tried to come against our group today. At the start of the morning, we had breakfast together and prayed, then we went out for outreach. We passed out over 300 flyers before we noticed the fliers had the wrong date for our pancake breakfast. Tension could have flared, but we quickly solved the problem by crossing out the date and putting the correct one and making more fliers, in the end we were able to keep cool.

Back to what Gabby was writing about the officer yelling at us, when we booked it out of there, the officer went around taking the fliers off the cars, but a lady who we didn't know saw him doing it, and ran ahead, taking every flier she could. When she collected all the ones she could, she passed them out around her neighborhood. We didn't find out about it until she called the church. A true blessing and miracle, God moved in that situation.

During service tonight we met new people, and went out to dinner with the pastor and some of the youth from the church. Austin and Houston (two of the youth) were cracking us up the whole time. We even learned some amazing facts, The first Twilight movie was filmed at Austin's school, The Goonies was filmed here, and even Rambo. This place makes Colorado look boring. the Pastor Kirk was very generous and we are thankful for him treating us out to food.

The Everything skit went great tonight. Everyone was real interested in it and seemed to love it. I think the best part about it was when GO got blasted by Robert. (Video coming soon)

Quote of the day: Excuse me...Girl the back of your head look Ridiculous.

-Isaiah #8

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