Friday, July 16, 2010

Can You Shout: FUN!

Last night we had the AWESOME YOuTH RALLY! Robert (from Phoenix) preached about being vocal with our faith and who we are. He also preached about how to withstand the devil and all that he tempts us with. We matched that up with a few skits and a great song service which made for a really good night!

After we headed back to the hotel for a BBQ! My mother dearest (emily jones) cooked up some DElicious pork brisket, moms be ready for your kids to ask for the recipe because we were all drooling over its goodness! Our pool area is simply the best hotel pool I've ever seen in the U.S! We are blessed!

Michael voiced this morning how good of a mood he was in because "He slept on such a comfortable bed!" He really was happy go lucky and kicked it into high gear on outreach!

We have just had some super duper fun filled packed days! Today we woke up at a decent hour and headed to the church for prayer. We hit it hard after on outreach and got out all but a few flyers to save for tomorrow. Then we practiced, practiced, and practiced some more drama...It is so fun to watch Collins be Jesus in the "Everything Skit" honestly it is priceless! For all of us that know the Howard boys we know when they reach their limit. Collins has way surpassed his but still has a smile on his face! Really all of our guys have stepped it up incredibly!

Question and answer time with Pastor Chris and Calandra was very valuable for our group! I learned a lot and appreciated it so much!

We are all having a blast! I am tired...really tired. Boot camp has really stretched me but is making a better woman that is for sure! I am learning and sweating a whole lot!

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