Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's 5am and I haven't slept

and it is signed!

this is Paul (not at lock-in) he has been a blessing.
Helping us on outreachs, where to eat, and the lock-in.
I think he has had about as much sleep as us.


Kristin and Natalie at the lock-in

Denton youth!

Ok.....Great night and into the morning. I did take a small 30 minute nap. What a night.... What a week so far. We have been outreach, witnessing, working hard and tonight was a success. About 70 of us here and half of the youth here they did not know. Many recieved Christ. It has been awesome. So we will go home sleep til oneish and get ready for todays outreach!! By the way I beat both the Taylors down, they forgot to mention that! I also want to metion the people here are so nice.


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