Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dentonators Strike Again!!

We started this morning with Praise and Worship! These Denton people can really

Natalie, Taylor L, Taylor T, and Richard got to play for offering.....we played quite good if i do say so myself! It was a blast up there and playing for them! We had an amazing singer up there with us....Kristen Andrews! Then we had are very own Youth leader preaching, Tyler preached about "Walking in the Spirit" it was a great message and quite a few teenagers came down at the end for the alter call.

At the end we got with are whole PBC group and took a picture with Dj Paul! Dj Paul was to awesome and very fun to hang out with. We also went around and talked to all the teenagers.

We settled down and ate a FANTASTIC place called "Dickeys" we had awesome ribs with barbecue is'nt Texas without ribs..haha! Anyways had fun and got very full!

Then we went to Vista Ridge was nice and big! We all had fun running around and getting and Tay found are favorite Super Heroes and took was a Blast at the Mall. I would have to say that every single one of us bought something from that mall!
-Taylor Trujillo

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  1. Blake, you think those ribs were good? Wait until you and Trent get home tomorrow and see what your dad has for you! We miss you guys and can't wait to hear all about your adventures! Love, Mom & Dad