Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a Day!

Knock! Knock! Knock! Is the first noise i heard around 6:00 Thursday morning and judging on how Kenny imitated me, i answered the door looking like Gollom and didn't retain anything he said to me? lol We headed to church for prayer, soon following we went on a outreach all over the city. It.was.AWESOME! passed out TONS of flyers for our outreach saturday, 4 of us evangalized the university of New mexicos campus, which was sick, a lot different from what i've seen but a site to see. Downtown Albuquerque was urban and artistic but pretty all together, people are right, everyone is nice in New Mexico. Everyone seems very excited to come out, so were believing God for a great turnout! For lunch we had Subway "Oh Yeah" (in voice of Kool aid guy) finished that up, than headed for our Fun Day @ Hinkle's Family Fun Park. We all smashed in go-carts; where there was a lot of cutting each other off and causing each other to fish tail into the walls >:/ we also smashed in bumper boats lol DRENCHED! Rachelle and Mrs. Monica were soaking everybody before we could even pull out to get away. A youth from the church, by the name of Maxine got to come along with us, she got to enjoy herself and it was fun for her to be able to hang out with us for the remainder of the day. Following this, we cleaned up and headed back to the church for our youth rally where Mr.Kenny preached the fire down! A tremendous sermon about being "pulled out of the fire" we all received a fresh anointing and were encouraged to continue striving for God's best! We closed the day with, TO MUCH laughter at Pastor Jb's house for din-din, where Gail and Mrs. Sanchez made the Extra delicioso meal for the team lol Kenny "some how?" was unaware the the sliding glass door was "open?" still leading into Pastor Jb's back yard and knocked that right off the hinges, .....soooo sorta had to be there to laugh, but hilarious!! Little Baby Ezra... well isn't a baby anymore but is extra cute and funny to be around, full of energy and :) We played mariocart on the wii and i realized that i'm..not..not good at all on that game? However, Pastor is a beast and I.WANT.TO.SEE!! Tyler and Pastor Jb in a video game face off!! *dunt-duh-duh!* what game? idk? but that, well that would be cute Agagagagagagaga!! Well, super good day today, so
-Daybid (say it with a chinese accent) ;]

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