Friday, July 16, 2010

TruuuuuuuuuLY REPRESENT!!!!!!!!!! HEYHEYHEY!!! Update #2

"Why would you go back to the exact thing Jesus died for - sin?"
-Dillon Chase

All of us Colorado teens were right in the front gettin' down!

... And when he started rapping reallllly fast, we were all in awe haha.

Alter call!

Some Denton teens did a couple of dances

"Get these shackles off my feet so I can dance, I just wanna praise Him!"

Rize performing again. They did SOOOOOO GOOD!!!! They were bouncing all around the stage and really had the crowd going!!!

Thanks Gabby for letting us use your voice in the Airplanes remix!!!

Dillon Chase!!!!!!

Paul rapped with them!!!

I tried to zoom in on Richard but it didn't work to well cuz he moved lol.

Alter call

Okay so Dillon Chase is AWESOME! I've heard OF him but I've never listened to him until tonight. He's really good at rapping and he's a really good preacher too! He has great songs and he really praises God with his music. It shows that he does what he does for God, which is how it should be. And he's just a regular guy who works in a bank! I also thought it was cool that his wife came to the concert :) They already left because they live in Oklahoma, and although I was too shy to talk to them, I still think they're both really cool lol. All of us were jumping and dancing like crazy while Dillon Chase rapped, and I don't think we're slowing down any time soon! Our lock-in is still going, and it's after 1:30 in the morning. I'm not sure what's planned next, but I'm sure more posts are on the way!


P.S. - Richard and I, having seen and heard Dillon Chase, now like rap! hahaha

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  1. Im not gonna lie, you have no idea how jealous i am right now. i could scream because of it, but i wont cuz thered be some mad girls in here. you guys look like youre having a lot of fun and it looks like God is moving! Have fun, like i need to say that tho right? I cant wait to see you guys so we can exchange stories. and youre very welcome for the voice! lol
    -gabby :)