Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Laughter,Heat, and Fuddy's

yep heat got to him
taco bueno

Yes,Yes Y'all and we don't stop.....yo what's up VWO family? Aaron here reporting for Day 2 update. For the Dentonators, our 6am morning begin with hahahaha....laughter(as weird as that sounds) while enjoying some Froot Loops me and mi amigo Blake ran into a very interesting man named Jose. Jose was a expert waffle maker/evangelist who was employed at the Super 8. Now Richard was enjoying making waffles until... wait, Wait, WAIT!... I TOLD YOU TO WAIT!!! (in hispanic arabic accent). Jose was also a master in preaching the "gospel" He warned us that he would stop talking to us before he was killed by Tyler our spiritual leader lol. after that we headed out to the church to meet DJ Paul for prayer, and after prayer we pulled out the brooms and mops (but not to sing and dance) they put us to work. after what seemed like forever we finally headed out to outreach!
After finishing our first apartment we thought we were on to the next one but the office officials made us pick up all the flyers from the first apartments. after two grouling hours of sweaty pits heat we headed to taco bueno (which was not bueno at all more like Taco Eh whack!) Followed by a couple more hours of outreach. After our group cried we headed back to the hotel, where we are in the progress of making one of the best PBC movies ever and we also figured out the number 1 tip to avoid wedgies. "when your underwear is being pulled SQUEEZ TIGHT!!"
Then it was off to the church for a Powerful wed. night service where Stephen and I did the conscience skit followed by Pastor Blakes message on seizing your youth. we were all very inspired by his word teens and adults alike. and off we went to Fuddruckers! where everything from a cricket in the hair to Shaunna's gangsta days it was an entertaining night. So all in all it was a great day and night, and God is defiantly present in Denton, Texas

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease

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  1. Aaron, I beat your post by four minutes. We said the same things. My bad, I thought you were about to pass out for the night.