Saturday, July 17, 2010

When the devil is a messin, God is a blessin!!!

Greetings to all!!

Today's outreach was amazing!!!! And when I say amazing, I mean amazing. It was probably like 115 degrees in Phoenix, but we were so pumped for our big outreach. The first outreach was our pancake breakfast at 8am, and we thought we could save some electricity and cook the pancakes on the hot concrete since it was so hot (just kidding, we used griddles although someone said you could cook an egg on the sidewalk:) We were able to pray with some of the people and love on them.

After that we practiced really hard for our outreach at 6pm at the park and went to Fuddruckers for lunch...yummy!! Everyone was a wee bit grumpy before lunch because everyone was hot n hungry. We then went for a stroll in the mall since we finished so early. We came back to the church and loaded everything for the outreach. We did a quick outreach at the apartment complex next to the park, which was promising because most of the people at the outreach said they came because they got a flyer.

At first it seemed as if nobody was going to show up, but God was there and we had hope. Shortly after we started, a lady showed up with her dog and said that she was going to just sit at home all night until she saw the flyer on her door...Praise the Lord, we were too happy!!

Alainna got second degree burns from doing the Everything skit when she had to get down on concrete that was 120 degrees!!! It was all for Jesus and it turned out great. No one knew why her painful reactions looked so real...we thought it was just part of the skit, but she was really hurtin!!! She was a great sport about it, and the fruit that came out of the outreach made her quickly forget about her 2nd degree burns:)

Well, back to how I chose the title for this blog...there was this guy that Alainna gave a flyer to for the outreach at the compartment complex. He showed up and was trying to play our drums. Mr. Quincy asked him that he couldn't play them and he caught an attitude...and that wasn't the end of him. He then said he was thirsty but we didn't have any more water. Mr. Rick found some water bottles and was handing them out and asked him if he wanted one and threw one at him, but he didn't catch it. He started cussing at Mr. Rick but he drove off in his car to get something so he came over and started cussing at me, Chris, and Quincy. I told the guy I didn't know what happened but that he needed to stop cursing...he didn't listen and got angrier. Mr. Quincy attempted to calm the guy down, but he wasn't backin' off. He threatened to go get a gun and his uncles to beat us up. We quickly realized that this was just a tactic of the devil because he was mad we were praying with people and they were giving their lives to he tried to shut the outreach down, but God has all the power!! Amen!! We prayed for the man and that God would protect us and that more people would get saved. We did 3 altar calls and around 45 people gave their lives to Christ!!! How exciting!!!

Back to this guy...After pastor Kirk, pastor Gregory, and Quincy talked to the guy he was still furious but calmed down a bit. The devil can't stop what God is doing...when the devil is a messin...God is a blessin!! We found that to be so true today.

Lastly, Mrs. Chris stepped in some poopie water at the park...well...dirty water they use to irrigate the grass, but it was hilarious:) And she was wondering why her feet were so sticky and stinky...just kiddin...I love you Christine:) Then Mr. Chris somehow got the lady at the front desk of the hotel to open up the juice machine from the continental breakfast for all the teens. Of course the boys were the first ones down to get the juice, but Evan and Turray came back with a plateful of cups overflowing with juice for everyone least they thought about the rest of the group.

It's gettin late and I definitely need to get some sleep so I can meet all the beautiful souls that came to the outreach...I'm believin by faith they're going to show up and we'll definitely have to post some pics of us with our newfound sisters and brothers in Christ.

Be blessed,



  1. Shot out to Mrs.Albright and Connor for the Awesome cookies they were SOOOO GOOOD! Thank You to Mrs.Craddock and Mrs.Roslyn for those YUMMY snacks. And Mr.& Mrs. Whiting, Thanks for not letting us die of thirst. You all are D'BOMB DIGGETY!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks too to Mrs Chavez for those great sandwiches! OMG!