Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keeping You Up to Date

WOWZA! So, I haven't blogged yet about things recently so here we go, I hope you're in the mood to read.
We had an awesome outreach yesterday as you know. We got out 15oo flyers total in about 6 hours. We are going to do outreach again tomorrow. Do you remember the story about the security guard? Well, if you read Isaiah's post, he told you that a lady came by and picked up the flyers that the guard was taking off. She called the church and told Zach that the security guard was taking all of the flyers, so she ran ahead and took them before he got to them. She then passed them all out in her neighborhood! And to make it more of a miracle, she isn't apart of their church! That was completely and totally God intervening. We were so amazed. Keith told us that the people in their church don't live close. They all live far away because of the environment around the church. What an opportunity right? We get to outreach to people that some are afraid to!
The service was powerful. They had an awesome service lead by an assistant pastor and the pastor's wife. Their youth plays the instruments. It was very anointed. But that's not all. Before, during prayer, there weren't more than 15 people in the prayer room and it was louder than I've ever heard our whole youth group pray before! It was awesome. There was a true hunger and zeal in that room. After a while, we all started singing the same song, "Let it Rain". The Spirit of God was pouring out that whole night. We told did the "Everything Skit" and it was good. G.O. got knocked out cold by Robert in one part. I even got a bruise on my arm thanks to Shelby! As some of you know, I don't bruise easily and complain about it sometimes, but I got one! It's not huge, but it's there. I'm proud of it. Pastor Marshall preached that night. He mainly told his testimony, which shocked people. When the alter call came, not only did some of us go down to pray, but some from their church. God is only getting started. Afterwards, we went to Elmer's to eat. The church paid for our meal, and we were thrilled and very thankful. The food was great, and the fellowship was better. We got to know the pastor and his wife as well as their 2 sons, Dallas and Houston (not Austin). After we left, we went "home" and crashed.

Thursday- FUN DAY
So today, we woke up at 6, or we were supposed to. The alarm went off, but we all fell back asleep. When we woke up, it was 6:34 and I jumped out of bed to wake the rest of the girls. We were supposed to meet Mama Cherise down at breakfast at 6:45. We brushed our hair and teeth, grabbed our Bibles and went out. We even beat the guys down there! We felt accomplished. After reading individually, we talked about what we read. Mrs. Cherise pointed out a verse 1 Timothy 4:12-14. Then after talking about it, we talked about what each of us read, and each story seemed to point back to the same thing: preparing our youth for what is to come. We talked about how if we weren't taught to witness, we couldn't teach others, and we wouldn't be prepared. It was a good word. We then rushed back to the hotel room to get ready for the beach!!
We all got in the van, except for David, so P.Marshall drove off, and David came running after (as we found out by some lady who told us when we came back around the block). After getting David, we met some of the church at the church and we were off to Seaside Beach! When we arrived, we immediatly hit up a store where everything was $12.99 (no tax!) and we all got a hoodie, and some of us got sweat pants. Me and Shelby got matching ones!...and so did Isaiah...don't ask. Some of us then rode on the carousel and laughed and waved the whole time. Then we hit up the coast! David and Isaiah ran ahead of the group and jumped in the water, which was cold. After us girls were done drooling, we ran ahead to put our feet in. Isaiah went all the way under then came out freezing. (But during this, G.O. kept screaming "ISAIAH!!!") We all walked along the shore-line and put our feet/legs in. It was cold at first, but it was warm when we got used to it. We collected sand dollars...lots of them. G.O. was chased by a crab, or someone holding a crab; this was hilarious. We took LOTS of pictures too. We were all in awe of the beauty. After spending some time there, we went to the bumper cars and the Tilt-a-Whirl. We had so much fun doing that. We were screaming, laughing, and bumping into people hard on the bumper cars. Then we checked out some more stores. While the guys went into the huge arcade, us 4 girls went on a search for empty bottles. Why, you ask? Because we wanted to take the beach home with us. We finally were informed that we could buy some at the Aquarium. After buying some, we went back down the beach. We put sand in the bottle first, then filled it up with the ocean water. We then ran back to the van, because it was time to go...we almost cried.
We couldn't figure out what to eat, so us girls made the decision after getting back into the van, without the guys. We went to target and the dollar store and got some side dishes for, yes, you guessed it, FRIED CHICKEN!!! We came back to the hotel and cooked the sides and then we all ate in Pastor Marshall and Mrs. Cherise's room. The guys were very thankful and we were all stuffed and have a lot of food left over, which is fine with me. We played card games like Go Fish and Spoons. During Go Fish, I had a laugh attack and I couldn't breath for a few seconds. It felt good to laugh so hard. Shelby then laughed that hard later when finding out that a huge pile of sand on the floor was caused by Abby bringing back some of the beach sand in her socks. It was awesome.

Well, that concludes the past 2 days! We can't wait for tomorrow. It's outreaching time!! Before I go though, I have to say, the weather here is amazing! It's not too hot, and that helps big time with the outreaching. I'm sorry to all of you who are sweating through your clothes, yuck. But have fun everyone! Thanks for all the great posts. You're giving us a reason to stay up late. I can't wait to see what God does in each one of these cities!!! Until next time,
-gabby (pics to come)

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