Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day of Dreams


Fish out of water.

Sporting the 12.99 hoodies we all bought at the beach.

We went to the ocean for our fun day. The attendent at the hotel told us it was going to be over 70 degrees today, she lied... It took two hours to get down to the ocean. When we got there, we looked around the boardwalk, and found a store that sold 12.99 hoodies. We couldnt keep from buying them, it was a great deal. It can in handy when we went down to the ocean. The water was freezing cold, but there was a gentle warm breeze.

Pastor Marshall dared me to dive into the ocean, which was something i couldn't keep from doing. Stupidity is my game! I sprinted towards the water, but as it touched my feet, i forced myself to stop. People weren't kidding when they said the water was cold! Took me a while to suck it up, but i jumped in and got blasted by the waves and salt water in my face, but it was fun. David joined in and played in the water a bit. Before we headed back to shore, I saw a crab a little more than a foot long, but didn't pick it up because i was scared i would get pinched. The girls spent their time walking around the beach picking up sea shells; some of them were pretty huge. I know they want to come back to the ocean whenever they can, if the ocean was that fun, i wonder how the beach will be like.

Before I head to bed, i'd like to add I bought a new friend. Hes a cow named Mr. Moo Moo.

Quote of the day {Pastor Marshall}: Go play in the middle of the freeway.

-Isaiah #8

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