Friday, July 16, 2010


Today, we had an awesome outreaching day. God is moving so much, it's crazy. We stayed away from the parking lots to avoid being arrested though. So you heard about the lady picking up all of the flyers and handing them out, but we have another 2 stories for you! Zach, the youth leader, was trying to hand out flyers at an apartment building, but couldn't get to the top floor. A random lady came up to him asking what he was doing and he told her. She then told him that she would take the flyers and hand them out because she had access to the top floor! She handed them out the kids she had, and they all went across the top floor knocking on, and putting them in the doors of the apartments. We were so excited when he told us that story. And another story is that there is a couple in their church who just broke up(they weren't married, just dating). After they broke up, she left the church and he was very depressed. Today on outreach, we handed her a flyer, but we had no idea that it was her! The guy called Zach and told him that we gave her one and that she is coming to the outreach tomorrow. He was so thankful and excited. We were so happy to hear that God was already working in people's hearts and giving us people for the outreach. Is God good or what?
But on another note, we are making the devil mad. There's no excitement without the devil getting mad right? Well, here's the story: We were handing out flyers at an apartment building and we were about to leave when a guy came up after us. Shelby told us to get in the van because he was mad. He started to take down the license plate number when Mrs. Cherise asked what he was doing. (We were all in the van at this point) He told us that we couldn't hand out stuff like that and Mrs. Cherise told him that we weren't selling anything and that it was all free. He got very upset and flipped us off, then started to walk away. Pastor Marshall was furious at this and yelled at the guy to come over to the van. Pastor Marshall got out of the van and the guy took this as a threat and charged over as if ready to fight! All of our hearts were pounding. We didn't know what was going to happen. Pastor Marshall told the guy that he couldn't do that, so to make it worse, the guy flipped off Pastor Marshall and put his finger up in his face. Pastor Marshall pushed his hand away, and the guy shoved Pastor Marshall into the van!! At this point, we all gasped. I had never seen the guys in our group move so fast. They all jumped up to get out. Robert tried to jump out of the drivers seat, but Mrs. Cherise-out of fear of what the guys would do to the guy-tried to stop Robert. He didn't listen, and neither did the others. They all jumped out of the van, and within seconds, Pastor Marshall had 5 guys behind him ready to fight! The guy backed off and his eyes widened. Pastor told the guys to hold on while he called the cops. At this point, the guy got extra scared and apologized. After P Marshall was off the phone, they all got back into the van. They guy continued to say sorry, well, kind of. Pastor Marshall told the guy that he would call the cops back and tell them nevermind if they guy promised to come to the outreach tomorrow! He did, but in the process, he said things like, "Make sure you tell the cops the truth, I didn't push you. You put your hand in my face so i pushed it away. I didn't push you. Make sure you tell the truth." WHATEVER! He so did push him, but that's ok. The guy said he'd be there tomorrow and when he walked away, Pastor Marshall said that he never called the cops in the first place! We all laughed our heads off and talked about how dead that guy would've been if he'd done anything else to Pastor. It just shows that we are doing something right!
After passing out more flyers, it was the end of the day and time to go to the store to get our things for tomorrow then dinner. We passed out 2, 300 flyers in 2 days! We are very proud of ourselves and the people from the church that came along.
For dinner, we went to Zach and Whitney's house. The pastor and his family were there too. We had a wonderful home-made mexican meal with different kinds of pies for dessert. It was so good. Then while the guys went outside to play basketball, us girls stayed inside to talk and play with one of the cutest puppies ever. After a few hours there, we headed "home". Now I'm here blogging! All in all, it has been a wonderful day and we are already seeing God move mightily.

One more thing I will mention is a note on their church. After Pastor Tim left for Sinapore, they had a major split in their church. They lost a lot of people and they are a little discouraged. We all feel that this was perfect timing for them. While you all are working on the churches and making them look good and helping the pastors with that, which is great, I feel that we are working on the inside of the people, not the church. We are here to re-ignite that fire inside of them, to give them hope. They have told us over and over again about how thankful they are that we came and that we are doing this outreach and everything. I feel so honored, we all do. We get to help rekindle that hope inside of them and help raise up their faith again. I already see their zeal and hunger, and I see it more and more every time I see them. I feel that our group has a different purpose than the rest of the groups. Not to say that ours is better than yours, but it's just different, and I'm glad. I can't wait to see how God is going to move tomorrow and on Sunday. I don't want this week to be over, but we still have 2 days! I know that God is going to use us, and not just us, but all of our groups out there. Keep the fire going you guys! Make sure that you're prayed up. I can't wait to hear what God does in each of these cities. We're praying for you! Until next time,


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