Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ok, I'm sorry that I have not been putting my say of things on here (It's Richard Whiting), now let me start...

I've been having fun here in the hot n' humid Texas! I was yelled "Wait, wait, wait, wait!! I told you to wait!" I played chicken and had Blake(and Stephen) on my shoulders. I met a really cool guy named Paul (the youth directer here). I played DJ Hero, kinda owned at it. I stayed up all night (last night). The door was opened to me starting to like rap, we heard a guy sing named Dillon Chase (AMAZING).

Their have been a bump or two on the road to today, but still standing strong with even stronger relationships!

As of right now we are at the church cleaning it up a lil bit from last. The youth lock-in we had was an extrodinary time! Their were a few kinks thiugh, we worked through them slendidly!

Love you all at the home church, love you ma and pa, can't wait to back to the cold springs lolz

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